I have been selected by Daneel Yunus for Food Award. Thanks to respectable Daneel Yunus for honouring me with this amazing and interesting award. This is my first Food Award.


Thank the person that nominated you.

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Answer the five questions.

Create five questions about food.

Nominate five people

My Answers

What do you usually have for breakfast?

Ans – Chapati or aloo paratha with curd (Best combo for breakfast).

Are you personally a good cook?

Ans – No personally I am not a good cook but if my mother is out of station then I cook maggi, pasta or macrony.

Do you like chocolate? What is your favorite type?

Ans – I like chocolates the most. They just set my mood. Chocolate bars are my favourite..!!

Which type of food can you never ever have even if someone threatens you to eat it?

Ans – I won’t ever have non vegetarian food even if someone threatens me :/
Which food did you or you are eating forcefully?

Ans- I usually skip meals rather than eating forcefully

My Questions
The questions will remain the same

1. Aditi tyagi
2. Rupali
3. PoojaG
4. Byungafallgren
5. Shehannemoore

Congratulations for being nominated. I really love your blogs . Keep growing❤

Happy Blogging 😉
Stay Home Stay Safe❤

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